Mind Momentum | Counselling for Women

Are you struggling to find focus in your career?

Are you feeling like your career no longer matches your ambitions after having children?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed because of workplace issues, bullying, or been marginalised because you are part-time?

Maybe your work is affected by other issues at home, with your partner, family or kids.

Whatever you are struggling with, Wendy from Mind Momentum can help you. 

Through the confidential and secure online counselling platform, you can choose to connect with Wendy via:

* Video 

*Audio only (like telephone counselling, but through your computer / mobile device), 

*Instant Messenger ‘live chat’ counselling, or 

* E-mails (all at your own pace, at any time of the day / night).

Wendy is a trained and registered Counsellor, with qualifications in Psychology and Counselling therapies. She is a mother of 2 young children and has worked in corporate recruitment, as well as HR Management, so understands the challenges of working, changing jobs and careers and trying to balance everything with life at the same time.

As a counsellor for women (especially mums!), Wendy offers the support and convenience you need to get empowered to take on the challenges of working life.

Email Wendy for a complimentary 15-minute online consultation (day and evening appointments are available).

Email Wendy at: support@mindmomentum.com.au