Jo Green | Career Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in your career?  Wheels turning but going nowhere?

A career coach can help.

How often have you sworn to yourself you’ll change career next year?  And then it never happens?  If you’ve been holding yourself back from making a move to your dream career, and want to start making a plan and taking action on your career goals, then contact Jo today.

Having a career plan, whether it’s a sidestep to a slightly different role, starting your own business or making a complete shift in direction can be lonely and frustrating.  Jo is a career coach who has made career changes herself, holds professional qualifications and can give you the tools you need for success, sooner.

As a qualified career coach, she has a wealth of experience, tips, and tricks to make your career transition smooth and enjoyable.

If you aren’t sure if career coaching is for you, get in touch and Jo can arrange a FREE 20 minute consult to discuss your needs and how she can help you get the career success you’ve always dreamed of.