I’m Tanya, and I am a serial career changer.

I’ve worked in customer service, slicing and measuring cold meats, pinching olives and learning the difference between a Grana Padano, Peccorino and Parmesan. I’ve schmoozed with wealthy cruise ship passengers in the name of research. And I’ve listened to the gripes of many disgruntled residents of a posh estate whose entry sign had fallen down.

In my corporate role, I spent my days trying to evaluate if someone was lying to me and using my forensic investigation skills to identify when someone faked a reference letter.

My favourite role of all though has been when I had an awesome team of people, and was high enough up the ladder to decide what roles they should do.

I loved matching people to their unique skills. Everything ran so much smoother when the people who loved people got to be the team leaders and the people who loved research projects got to lock themselves away in their offices and not be forced to socialise. I was able to give people an insight into their strengths, and being able to support them to develop new skills in areas they may not have previously considered.   Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, or take on roles that were only ever meant to be temporary and we’re still there years later.

When you realise that it’s time to focus on you and your happiness, the resources will appear to help you succeed.

What’s holding you back from your dream career? Time? Family? Education?

Having a meaningful career doesn’t just happen by itself.   And when you add in partners, children and big debts like a mortgage, you can’t afford to risk quitting without a backup plan.

We’re here to help

Recruitment agencies, professional networks, professional development, maybe, even more, study are all resources that can make the difference between just having a job and having a career you love.   Life doesn’t always give you a job that suits your skills and personality, so sometimes you need to help it along with a little. That’s where Employment Avenues comes in. We can help you with whatever your career needs to give it that little boost to get you closer to your dream job. Whether it’s networking, going back to study, getting your resume up to scratch for a promotion or new role, or starting out in a new city or country.

Having all the resources you could ever need in one place, this is a place to build your new networks, meet your next boss or colleagues and get the best career support to succeed, no matter what role you dream of.

You don’t have to do it all alone…

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