Abound Careers | Resume Writing Specialist

Are you a busy mum with no time to update your resume?

Are you returning to work after being at home with the kids?

No idea where to start on your job search?

I’d love to help!

It’s so tough trying to re-launch yourself back into the workforce.  It’s daunting and you feel like you have nothing to offer any employer.

I offer career planning services targetted to working women and mums who are returning to work after maternity leave.  Services include resumes, cover letters, selection criteria statements, job search strategy, interview coaching, career planning.

As an HR/Recruitment Specialist (and a mum!) I’ve reviewed a number of resumes and I can tell you exactly what an employer wants to see on your resume.

Through a short phone/in person consult, I get to know you and your career goals and then create career documents that authentically represent you and your capabilities.

I’d love to help you achieve your career goals – whatever they may be!